In a competitive market, listings stand out better with the immersive experience of video. Video walkthroughs take the buyer into the property in a way that makes them feel like they have experienced it rather than having just seen it. Which brings more serious buyers to your door. Video coverage of the home adds layers of depth to the homebuyer’s search that can highlight both the bigger picture of a space and its details.

Showing the property from a flamingo’s eye view using drones with creative and dynamic camera movements creates the sense of wonder you hope to inspire in your homebuyers. Allow potential clients to see themselves in the neighborhood as well as the home, to get a feel for how the home sits on the property, and to see how the property sits in relation to its neighbors.

Combined with background music, quality editing, and post production, the final presentation will show homebuyers your listing in the best possible light.

Each Videography project includes:

  • Three (3) promotional videos:
    • Linear Walkthrough” A video of the house as if a buyer is walking through the home. (1-3 minutes)
    • Cinematic Walkthrough” A video of the house with more dramatic cuts, fades, and angles, but still giving a sense of the whole property. (1-3 Minutes)
    • Fly-by cut” a 30 second clip tailor made for social media formatted for which ever sites you want to post.
  • Ronin-Gimbal walkthroughs of the property starting from outside the home and going through each room, or AVATA Drone interior fly-through’s.
  • Aerial photography and videography of the exterior of the property captured by a DJI Phantom 4 pro sUAS (Drone).
  • Work performed by drone pilots who are both insured and licensed by North Carolina and the FAA.
  • Work performed by veteran videographers with 10+ years of experience.
  • Post-production including editing, background music, and visual enhancements to optimize the presentation of the property.
  • Next business day delivery from appointment to media shared.